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We provide High-Quality of Cambodian Organic Rice

Our Company

AMRU Rice has been a provider of high-quality Cambodian rice since 2009. By focusing on quality control, environmental awareness, and customer service.

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Our Projects

AMRU Group’s business is also conducted with strong ethics by embracing CSR and investing with farmers on Organic Rice and SRP Rice Concept.

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Our Quality Control & Inspection

AMRU’s Quality Control is they highest standard of the industry with highest ratings possible from USDA & Ecocert. We surpass USDA’s own norms applied for US bound exports.

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Message from Chairman & CEO (Saran SONG)

AMRU Rice Cambodia Co Ltd started rice trading activities in 2009 followed by gradual vertical integration since 2011 by the establishment of its own semi-processing facilities working its way upstream into contract farming with farmer cooperatives in specific provinces.

Our growing manufacturing facilities have been bestowed with industry certification such as ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP and we are in the process of adding additional certification such BRC shortly to penetrate the retail markets.
Our Corporate Vision is aimed at commercial and social sustainability: We are fully dedicated to every single rice grain and customer. Our Mission Statement reflects our corporate culture and commitment: To serve & deliver to our customers worldwide the best professional services & quality products as well as to be a devoted good corporate citizen.

About Us

Our Story

Saran and his brother venture the trading rice companies led by Muny Khy (his wife), and brothers. The company established to promote the export of the Cambodain rice as per govertnment policy and EBA access to Europe market.

Starting an Organic Rice Project

Engaging with the GIZ to partner with Cooperative farmers in Preah Vihear on organic rice contract farming in supporting from provincial department of agriculture and local NGOs.

Export Rice to World

Exporting the organic rice to Europe and USA market and company vertically integreted to supply chain invested in rice milling near the farm in Battambang and expand the processing and packing facility in Phnom Penh with modern art of milling system.

Launch SRP Project with IFC

Launched the Sustainable Aromatic Rice cultivation under SRP Rice Sandard in partnership with IFC. Amru diversified to invest in food processing — rice paper, and rice noodle in Kampong Speu. The company exported over 40 countries in the world and heavily invested and expanded in Drying and Storage and Millling in Kampong Thom with Industry 4.00.

First GRI Sustainability Report 2019

First GRI Sustainability Reporting 2019 launched — Top #3 rice exporter and TOP 1 in speciality rice exporter in Cambodia.
Contract farming agreements with 48 ACs in organic and SRP Rice standard, divesfied markets to Australia and China to avoid the tariff imposed by EU.

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Organic Jasmine Rice

Cambodian Jasmine Rice is a type of Premium Rice.

Organic Brown Rice

Cambodian Organic Brown Rice is (unrefined) version of white rice.

Organic Red Rice

Cambodian Organic Red Rice is type of unpolished rice has higher nutritional value than white rice.

Organic Black Rice

Cambodian Organic Black Rice has deep black color, usually turns deep purple when cooked.

Organic Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is partially boiled with husk from paddy.

Organic White Rice

Cambodian Organic White Rice is categorized long grained Medium Grain rice.

Project: Sustainable Rice Platform

Mr. Muth Sovanmony (Cambodia)

Partner: Amru Rice (Cambodia) Co.,LTD
IFC (International Finance Corporation)
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Cambodia)

“I am a small-scale farmer who has implemented the SRP Standard under the auspices of IFC and AMRU RICE, which has never been used before. They taught me the SRP standard, making me more aware of Sustainable Rice cultivation, reducing unnecessary costs, and increasing productivity, especially teaching the use of pesticides management and using Personal Protective Equipment during spraying. I never thought it would affect my health. Also, making a record of my income and profits-losing as a small businessman, I'm really proud of the fact that the project has helped farmers like me not to let the farmers stay isolated. I will help promote what I've done to other farmers to do the same.”

`` Nature a healthy family with good food. Bring the flavors of excellence as a staple in your dining table. ``
Partner with us for sustainable and ethical business.
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Mr. Song Saran

Mr. Song Saran

CEO & Chairman
Mr. Kann Kunthy

Mr. Kann Kunthy

Vice President
Mrs. Khy Muny

Mrs. Khy Muny

General Manager
Mrs. Khy Maly

Mrs. Khy Maly

Export Manager

News & Articles

Promoting Sustainable Rice Platform as quality standards among farmers

Promoting Sustainable Rice Platform as quality standards among farmers

Last June 20, 2017, AMRU and the International Finance Corporation signed off on a three year project to implement the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) standards and practices in the company’s supply chain in Cambodia. The IFC is the private sector arm of the World Bank Group and the largest...

Making a Difference on Farmers’ Lives

Making a Difference on Farmers’ Lives

The crinkled face of Chhaem Out broke into a smile when asked about how much he earned from selling organic jasmine rice last year. “I earned 5 million Riels more than I did in 2015,” he proudly said. Mr. Chhaem is a member of the Samaki Phnom Pich Borey Agriculture Cooperative who joined only...

Harnessing Information Technology for Traceability and Sustainability

Harnessing Information Technology for Traceability and Sustainability

The World Economic Forum 2018 held in Hanoi, Vietnam pointed ASEAN countries towards a five-point strategy that will foster digital connectivity and data sharing, harmonize the business environment, build synergies among innovation incubators, manage talents and create an education network for...

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Fair for Life
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