Cambodian Organic Medium Grain Brown Rice

Medium grain brown rice is the ideal texture for many types of dishes: cooked, it’s not as fluffy as long-grain brown rice, but not as sticky as the short-grain variety. The uncooked rice grains are beautiful ovals. While brown rice takes a little longer to cook than white, it’s easy to prepare in a rice cooker, and the cooked rice can be used in dozens of dishes.
No. Specification Standard
1 Broken(basis 3/4) 10% Max
2 Damaged kernels 1.5% Max
3 Yellow kernels 0.50% Max
4 Red Kernels 4.00% Max
5 Moisture 14% Max
6 Chalky kernel 7.0% Max
7 Foreign matters 0.10% Max
8 Paddy 1 grain/Kg
9 Average length 6 mm Min
10 Milling Degree BROWN
11 Immature Kernels 2.00% max
12 Green kernel 4.00% max
13 Alive/Dead insects NIL
14 Crop 2019
15 Glass, Metal, Hard Plastic, Stones Free from
16 Soil and Mud Balls Free from
17 Rodent/Bird Excreta Free from
18 Live Insects Free from
19 Dead Insects Free from
20 Gluten Containing Seeds Free from