Cambodian Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

Brown rice is (unrefined) version of white rice. It didn’t go through a polishing process and retains its outer layer so it still has many nutrients such as Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, Vitamin E, fiber, antioxidants and etc. When cooked, it has a slightly chewy texture and a nut-like flavor. Brown rice is a natural source of bran. It cooks in approximately 25 minutes.
No. Specification Standard
1 Broken(basis 3/4) 5% Max
2 Damaged kernels 0.50% Max
3 Yellow kernels 0.50% Max
4 Red Kernels 2.0% Max
5 Moisture 14% Max
6 Chalky kernel 4.0% Max
7 Purity 92% Min
8 Paddy 2 grain /kg
9 Average length 7 mm Min
10 Milling Degree Brown
11 Alive / dead insects NIL
12 Green Kernels 4.0% Max
13 Crop 2019
14 Glass, Metal, Hard Plastic, Stones Free from
15 Soil and Mud Balls Free from
16 Rodent/Bird Excreta Free from
17 Live Insects Free from
18 Dead Insects Free from
19 Gluten Containing Seeds Free from