Cambodian Long Grain White Rice 5% Broken

White rice is categorized to the Indica type (Long grain). It is also referred to as polished or milled rice because, during milling process, the husk and bran are removed from the kernel. Cambodian white rice is predominantly used locally and overseas as a high quality source material for rice products such as cakes and rice wine, it can be planted in many regions throughout the country. Anyhow, It is the main crop in the Southeastern and Northern region of Cambodia.
No. Specification Standard
1 Broken(basis 3/4) 5% Max
2 Red kernels 1% Max
3 Yellow kernels 0.5% Max
4 Chalky Kernels 7% Max
5 Damaged Kernels 1.0% Max
6 Paddy Kernels 1 grain/Kg Max
7 Moisture 14% Max
8 Average Length 6.2mm Min
9 Crop 2019
10 Milling Degree Well milled and Polished
11 Glass, Metal, Hard Plastic, Stones Free from
12 Soil and Mud Balls Free from
13 Rodent/Bird Excreta Free from
14 Live Insects Free from
15 Dead Insects Free from
16 Gluten Containing Seeds Free from