Cambodian Long Grain Fragrant Rice 5% Broken

Long Grain Fragrant Rice (Sen Kra Oub) with its smooth aroma and soft texture, this rice is nearly identical to Phka Malis rice. However, it can be planted in any general, irrigated area and harvested throughout the year. The main harvests take place in April and July .It is the perfect grain for those who like a soft, but chewy, scented rice. It is especially good for fried rice dished.
No. Specification Standard
1 Broken(basis 3/4) 5% Max
2 Damaged kernels 0.50% Max
3 Yellow kernels 0.50% Max
4 Red Kernels 0.50% Max
5 Moisture 14% Max
6 Chalky kernel 4.0% Max
7 Purity 80% Min
8 Average length 7 mm Min
9 Milling Degree Well milled and DP
10 Crop 2019
11 Glass, Metal, Hard Plastic, Stones Free from
12 Soil and Mud Balls Free from
13 Rodent/Bird Excreta Free from
14 Live Insects Free from
15 Dead Insects Free from
16 Gluten Containing Seeds Free from