Project SRP

Project SRP Sustainable Rice Platform Partner

  • Amru Rice (Cambodia) Co.,LTD
  • IFC (International Finance Corporation)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Cambodia)

Mr. Muth Sovanmony (Cambodia)

“I am a small-scale farmer who has implemented the SRP Standard under the auspices of IFC and AMRU RICE, which has never been used before. They taught me the SRP standard, making me more aware of Sustainable Rice cultivation, reducing unnecessary costs, and increasing productivity, especially teaching the use of pesticides management and using Personal Protective Equipment during spraying. I never thought it would affect my health. Also, making a record of my income and profits – losing as a small businessman, I’m really proud of the fact that the project has helped farmers like me not to let the farmers stay isolated. I will help promote what I’ve done to other farmers to do the same.”