Our Quality

Amru Rice Cambodia Co,. Ltd is very compliance with the international standard of quality. We have our expertized quality control team to provide the rice analysis based on standard requirement and specification in rice kernel. These are including physical inspection of milled rice’s specification, checking quality of packaging materials, and checking cleanliness and quality of empty container suitable for loading rice, loading monitoring and so on.
1. AMRU’s Quality Control is of the highest standard of the industry with the highest ratings possible from USDA & EcoCert. We surpass USDA’s own norms applied for US bound exports.
2. Strict adherence to following operational manuals to ensure food safety & quality of rice.
  • GMP/HACCP Manual – SOP
  • Organic Rice Handler – EOS and NOP
  • ISO 22000
3. AMRU applies a triple inspection practice: all inspections are performed by government officers, independent surveyors and our in house inspectors.

Here Our trusted International Certificates which we got: