What is Rice?
Rice is a type of grass (genus Oryza) that belongs to a family of plants that includes other cereals such as wheat and corn. Rice grain is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and is the staple food for more than 3 billion people.

At maturity, the rice plant has a main stem and several tillers. Each productive tiller bears a terminal flowering head or panicle. Plant height varies by variety and environmental conditions, ranging from approximately 0.4 meter (m) to more than 5 m in some floating rice. The morphology of rice is divided into the vegetative phase (including germination, seedling, and tillering stages) and the reproductive phase (including panicle initiation and heading stages).

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Cambodian Organic Rice

Cambodian Organic Jasmine Brown Rice

It is cultivated in rain fed fertile soil, free from chemicals, pesticides and commercial fertilizers. The single annual crop is harvested between July to November [Read More...]

Cambodian Organic Jasmine Red Rice

A special variety of rice that is red in color because it contains anthocyanins. It is generally un-hulled or partially hulled rice that has a red husk, rather than the much more [Read More...]

Cambodian Organic Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Also known as converted rice, parboiled rice is treated at the harvesting stage while still in the hulls. It is soaked and steamed, before being dried. After rice is harvested, its [Read More...]

Cambodian Organic Purple Rice

Purple Rice as know as (Black rice) is a range of rice types of the species Oryza sativa L., some of which are glutinous rice. Black rice has a deep black color and usually [Read More...]