Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Corporate Vision reflects our corporate culture and commitment: To serve & deliver to our customers worldwide the best professional services & quality products as well as to be a devoted good corporate citizen.
Our Mission Statement is aimed at commercial and social sustainability: We are fully dedicated to every single rice grain and customer.
Core Values
  • Challenge : Meet the challenge of global change.
  • Harmony : Diversified culture change within the spirit of teamwork and innovation.
  • Quality : Unique and seal of quality with efficient corporation.
  • Trust : Build the culture of mutual trust and integrity to be efficient corporation.
    • Trusted Supplier
Amru Rice Cambodia will guarantee our valued customers with excellent services from start to finish. Our professional sales, marketing and export team will respond to all your inquiries expeditiously, and work out the best possible customer friendly deal to accommodate all your requirements.
    • Commitment
With our dedicated and steadfast commitment to thoroughly serve our customers, we ensure your full satisfaction. We spare no effort to warrant that each order is subjected to our very demanding and stringent in-house inspections at all processing stages in order to provide our customers with a product that exceeds expectation.
    • Quality Assurance
We have our expertized quality control team to provide the rice analysis based on standard requirement and specification in rice kernel. These are including physical inspection of milled rice’s specification, checking quality of packaging materials, and checking cleanliness and quality of empty container suitable for loading rice, loading monitoring and so on.